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Bed Bugs Treatment in Toronto and Surrounding Areas - Gone in 1 Day Guaranteed!

1 Day Heat Treatment

We are structural thermal heat specialists. We eradicate bed bugs by use of extreme heat. Guaranteed with our warranty!

We Are Chemical Free

We do not use chemicals. We use high heat (100°C / 212°F) to exterminate bed bugs which is the most effective treatment.

Latest Products & Techniques

We utilize bed bug sniffing canines and offer a full suite of bed bug prevention products for home or office.

Toronto Bed Bugs Heat Treatment is a Preferred Solution Over Chemicals?

With the amount of allergies people are suffering from these days and the recent incline in asthma and a variety of other health concerns, Bed Bug Heat Treatment has grown to be the most popular solutions for both homeowners and businesses alike. Heat Treatment is a safe and environmentally friendly solution. In simplistic terms, the temperature is raised throughout the location to the “Thermal Death” point of Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs Ontario creates a controlled environment where often only a single treatment is required to eliminate Bed Bugs. Throughout this website is supporting information that hopefully can enlighten both the homeowner or business operator to realize that there is a simple and effective way to Kill Bed Bugs. We feel it is important to give you, the perspective customer, as much information as possible to come to an educated and informed decision when dealing with Bed Bugs. We can truly appreciate the situation you or a family member or friend is in, and have dealt with many locations and environments such as yours. We do offer a 90 day guarantee and we will be as informative as possible throughout the entire process from start to finish. It all begins with a simple phone call to 647-928-6655. Bed Bugs Ontario is a Bed Bugs Treatment company in Toronto that specializes in Bed Bugs Elimination through the use of Bed Bugs Heat Treatment. Using Thermal Heat all Bed Bugs in your home, building, office or workplace for good! We primarily operate in the Greater Toronto and surrounding Ontario regions.


No Job is Too Big or Too Small for Bed Bugs Ontario!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment = Only One Day!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  • You’ll need to place all medications, chocolate, candles etc. into the fridge. Basically anything that could melt or deform at temperatures over 90 degrees should be placed in the fridge or stored off the premise during the heat treatment. Also take any aerosol cans and place them in a box and store them in a garage or balcony. Anywhere outside off the premise where they can’t be affected by the heat. This is the only preparation required.
  • When the premise is ready you’ll need to leave it for 8 hours while we do our work.
  • Once we are done you can return home and sleep in peace. All eradication is done in one day with the one heat treatment and no bugs, larvae or eggs remain alive when we are finished.

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

  • You’ll need to bag all your clothing and store on your balcony or in your garage or car.
  • All bedding and pillows will need to be removed and stored off premise as well.
  • You’ll also need to remove all food products, other then canned goods, from your cupboards and store in the fridge.
  • Leave all your shoes in the closets but nothing else should be left in the home.
  • Some companies will request all the base boards to be removed as well to get in behind them.
  • Note, pesticides cannot be used directly on mattresses, bedding or furniture. These will need to be steam cleaned separately.
  • Once the spray is applied yourself and any pets will need to stay out of the home for 6 hours.
  • When you return home after the treatment you will notice a sticky film around the edge of the floors. This is the poison and you cannot walk on it or wash your floors for 6 – 7 days. It is important that the poison remains on the floors and surrounding areas for 1 week.
  • Once you do return home it’s important to wash all your clothing, bedding, etc, that was removed earlier and then run it all through a dryer for at least 30 minutes on high heat before putting it on or leaving the house. This must be done daily for 2 weeks in a house and 3 weeks in an apartment. Additionally you will need to vacuum all baseboards, furniture, and beds 2 times per day to remove any living bugs.
  • The above Bed Bugs Chemical Treatment process needs to be repeated again in 3 weeks and all steps redone for another 3 week period.

K9 Bed Bug Detection Services

Use A K9 Bed Bug Detection Dog to Sniff Out Where the Bed Bugs Are

Do you want to be absolutely certain you have Bed Bugs? If so, our K9 Bed Bug Detection or Dog Bed Bug Detection services are theright choice for you. A bed bug K9 has been specifically trained in the detection of bed bugs. A K9 or dog can smell the odor of live Bed Bugs and even the eggs. The amazing part is they actually know whether a Bed Bug is alive or deceased. Our k9 bed bug inspection unit has some of the best accuracy training possible, the dogs are not ordinary house pets. The dogs are well maintained, properly supervised and highly trained professionals, just like us. A K9 handler will arrive on location and work with the dog going through each and every room, searching high and low. Should the dog find something, the handler will verify the findings visually to be sure.

Bed Bugs Ontario is located in North York Ontario and services all of Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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